in pieces

Today was another beautiful day in Berlin, but I got up in the dark.  Yuk. Yet, as is often the case, there were compensations.  The sky was waking up in a most gorgeous way as I shiveringly crossed the Warschauer bridge on my way to catch the U to work.  I didn’t fully wake up til much later so the cloud painter was definitely a step or 3 ahead of me.

looking east over the s

It was also fantastic crossing the river on the Oberbaumbrücke but I couldn’t get a picture of that because I was on the U-bahn.  A shame because the reflections in the river of the sky, building and the men with holes in were most splendid.  And later on I treated myself to a coffee in the sunshine and had 3 really nice lessons in a row.  So I won’t complain.

I will share some frustration though.  Yesterday I went to a bike shop and explained in my best German to the man there that I wanted an inner tube 28 x 1.75 x 2.  Yes certainly, said the man, what kind of valve do you have?  Gah!  So the nice man showed me different types of valves and I walked home to check that I was correct in believing that my valve was standard, and yes I was and it was.  Boom.  So I walked back and the nice man sold me an inner tube.  And some oil with graphite for my rusty chain. Will it do the job? Who knows, but I told him it was rusty and he said, ok have this.  I trust the man.

So tonight I brought my bike inside and fought the good fight to take the wheel off, change the tube, put the wheel back on and make it all work.  There were spoons involved, that’s all I’m saying.  I followed the instructions of a bike expert online, and it all went quite swimmingly until I put the blasted thing back on and discovered that it goes round in a decidedly un-true manner, it wobbles.  While attempting to puzzle this out I noticed that I have a broken spoke which could be the cause  (although I also seem to have drop thingy problems) and apparently this can only be remedied by experts.  So to the bikeshop once more I must go.  Defeated by a rubbish little bit of metal. Pah.

Hopefully this story will have a happy ending.  We’ll see.  Watch this space…


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