the King and Queen of Potsdam

This post is dedicated to Uli and Laura, summer flatmates extraordinaires, improvers of my German and generally fantastic people.  For the short time that we lived together they scooped me up and included me in feasts of German and Colombian yumminess, attempts at Shepherd’s Pie (we managed ok thanks to Nigel Slater and the Turkish supermarkets), architecturally orientated wanderings, kitchen salsa dancing, friend gatherings and Deutsch voll conversations.  They even tried to take me to Berghain but I kept falling asleep.

All of the times were good times, but since we have now come to the end of the 2nd era of excellent Mitbewohners it’s about time that I shared with you some of the many, many photos I took during our sundrenched outing to Sanssouci.  I paparazzied my way around the park in tow to Laura, who had a guidebook and wasn’t scared to use it.  Until that day I would have told you that I couldn’t learn about architecture and landscaping in German, but I was proved wrong, and very much fun it was too.  So here you, the King and Queen of Potsdam and the Park Sanssouci.  Be without cares and enjoy, with Mr Scruff to keep you company


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