I do love firemen

As you may have gathered, I was lucky enough to have my sis visiting me last week.  However, since I’d  recently been gadding about in Engerland (and Wales) I really needed to teach my regular lessons to look after my students and my bank balance (base consideration though that may be).  So on Friday morning I collected Manth from the Bahnhof, took her to the Soviet Memorial, got soaked in rain, had a cup of tea and some food and then took her into town and abandoned her while I went to a lesson.  Due to unpredictable trains I got to my lesson a little bit early and so was privileged to see 3 heats of the 5th Berlin Firefighter’s Challenge.   This basically meant that buff young firemen put on full kit including oxygen tanks and respirator, and ran up and down a tower and long course; hitting, lifting, dragging and hosing things along the way.  All very impressive, and luckily I had my camera with me!


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