Shutters down

Do you remember that a while ago I got a little bit overexcited about some shutter painting on my walk home from the station?  Some things change, some things stay the same.  I’m still overexcited but the shutter is freshly painted.

I like the new one very much.  The word clouds of the shop’s wares are a nice touch, and the little faces peeking out of the bottom corners are sweet.  But what I particularly like is that everything has been covered except my little painter and decorator bottom left.  Revisit the earlier post for a close up and more chatting about him…

Anyway, it makes me happy that there is brilliant new art work, but he’s still there.  I also don’t understand why more shop owners don’t do this, get someone to paint them something fantastic and thereby avoid scummy pointless tagging.  Ok, some may argue that tagging isn’t pointless but when compared to really innovative art that just happens to be on the street, I can’t really agree that pathetic scrawls have much worth.

Secondly, and just because I snapped it on the same day, a poster that’s showed up around my part of town.  What does it mean?

Does it matter what it means?  I like it.  Still to come: more pictures from the Sausage Palace, Mantha’s visit and a random fireman competition in Potsdamer Platz (yes really).  But now it’s my last night with Manth and I’m off to be socialable.  Wine anyone? xxx


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