blown it

Ladies and Gents, the saga of The Bike in Berlin continues to unfold.  You’ll remember The Bike’s first appearance and subsquent non-mover status on The List, no doubt.  You probably also remember the big day when I done gone and bought one for a ludicrously cheap price*.  Then came the getting to know you phase, when I could also have been tempted into believing that cycling is A Good Thing, were it not for all the other traffic on the road.  Parks I can do with great insouciance but the roads in Mitte are a little bit more challenging, not least because of all the pro-cyclists who would really rather that I wasn’t in the way.
But before I was converted to the bike lovers’ side, we had the vastly disappointing summer, when it rained often and much and confirmed that I am, if any kind of cyclist at all, certainly a fair weather one.  So The Bike languished in the Hof**, unloved and a little feared.

But after weeks of guilt and shame at my fahrrad failure,  I finally girded my loins and prepared to cycle to a softball game, only to discover that I had chronic puncture problems as well as an embarassingly rusty chain.  The Bike was having its revenge.

And so my friends, we come to the point wherein I must confess that I’ve never fixed a puncture in my life and I’m not sure that I’m up to it.  The week following the discovery was mad busy and then I visited the UK but now I’m back and I need to deal with The Situation.  Today I really wished that The Bike was available for riding  so it may just tip me over the edge and force me to confront it this week.  Internet at the ready.  Bike boys may be called for back up/post traumatic stress counselling and so on.   Wish me luck folks, wish me luck.

*bike shown is not The Bike, but the Elvis is great and the whole picture just pleased me
**not to be confused with the Hoff, although both are indeed German


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