taking the long view

I’ve been back in the land of tea, crumpets, long walks on the hills and picnics in the rain.  It’s been lovely and I’m a little bit teary eyed because it’s my last day.

The week is a result of a marathon of organisation: choosing dates, getting time off work and writing cover notes for all my regulars and working out flights and connections; then finding places to stay in Herefordshire.  Many fantastic looking B&Bs were full to the gunnels so we ended up in 3 different places, all quite different but fab – we even got a 4 poster bed one night.  And after all that I still had to make dates for catch ups with my crew of lovelies. I’ve not precisely been a social butterfly (cue picture from a garden near Garway) but I really needed to see everyone and I feel much better for it.

LTN gets many thanks and lots of squeezes for a magnificent weekend in Herefordshire (and a little bit of Wales).   I hadn’t realised how much I’d been missing hills and views.  Berlin’s flatness is great for the bike lovers (of which more anon) but I grew up in the Chilterns and it turns out that I have a subconscious need for a rolling landscape.

This is on the Malverns and although we went the ‘flat’ route, there was still a lot of up and down.  My little legs were well tested and apparently I need to start doing a little bit more exercise…

and finally, for now, I just want to give you one very English picture of a walled garden near the border.  We found it completely by accident and spent a happy hour or so in the sun.  One day I’ll have a garden as lovely as this, and that’s a promise.

The rest of the future is alarmingly fuzzy at the moment, but if there’s a garden, books, my family and my fantastic friends then I guess I’ll be fine.


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