the next big thing

This appeared recently in Kreuzberg.  It’s hard to miss, that’s not a small building.  This is all you can see from the top of the street

then you step through the door of Kiosk and see that there’s more, in fantastic juxtaposition with the bright parasols

I assume it’s by Roa, I’ve seen some of his stuff before and after only a very little searching I’ve discovered that he is apparently Belgian, but spreads his work all over the world.   see some more of his work here. It’s all a little bit dark but incredibly realistic.  These photos were taken at the beginning of an LTNsqueak ramble through the streets of Xberg; it turned into a bit of a street art fest of which you’ll see more later.  I struggled to get the whole thing in frame at once, but here is my best shot at it.


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