taking the long view

I’ve been back in the land of tea, crumpets, long walks on the hills and picnics in the rain.  It’s been lovely and I’m a little bit teary eyed because it’s my last day.

The week is a result of a marathon of organisation: choosing dates, getting time off work and writing cover notes for all my regulars and working out flights and connections; then finding places to stay in Herefordshire.  Many fantastic looking B&Bs were full to the gunnels so we ended up in 3 different places, all quite different but fab – we even got a 4 poster bed one night.  And after all that I still had to make dates for catch ups with my crew of lovelies. I’ve not precisely been a social butterfly (cue picture from a garden near Garway) but I really needed to see everyone and I feel much better for it.

LTN gets many thanks and lots of squeezes for a magnificent weekend in Herefordshire (and a little bit of Wales).   I hadn’t realised how much I’d been missing hills and views.  Berlin’s flatness is great for the bike lovers (of which more anon) but I grew up in the Chilterns and it turns out that I have a subconscious need for a rolling landscape.

This is on the Malverns and although we went the ‘flat’ route, there was still a lot of up and down.  My little legs were well tested and apparently I need to start doing a little bit more exercise…

and finally, for now, I just want to give you one very English picture of a walled garden near the border.  We found it completely by accident and spent a happy hour or so in the sun.  One day I’ll have a garden as lovely as this, and that’s a promise.

The rest of the future is alarmingly fuzzy at the moment, but if there’s a garden, books, my family and my fantastic friends then I guess I’ll be fine.


not all there

For once during his visits, LTN and I had some good weather, seized the moment, and went a’wandering to find new streets, new faces, new things. On our way towards the canal we discovered any number of little street arty treats, a selection of which I’m now going to share with you lovely people. Snack away.

the next big thing

This appeared recently in Kreuzberg.  It’s hard to miss, that’s not a small building.  This is all you can see from the top of the street

then you step through the door of Kiosk and see that there’s more, in fantastic juxtaposition with the bright parasols

I assume it’s by Roa, I’ve seen some of his stuff before and after only a very little searching I’ve discovered that he is apparently Belgian, but spreads his work all over the world.   see some more of his work here. It’s all a little bit dark but incredibly realistic.  These photos were taken at the beginning of an LTNsqueak ramble through the streets of Xberg; it turned into a bit of a street art fest of which you’ll see more later.  I struggled to get the whole thing in frame at once, but here is my best shot at it.