Blocks of black and white

Here are some more bits and bobs from my Thursday walk home, making good on my promise to myself to use my cameras more.  Currently most of the creativity is coming from other people, but I am quite pleased with the tramlines in black and white.  If it would just stop raining then I’d take my SLR out for a walk and see what else I could manage without relying on sweet little stickers and street art.  As is it, enjoy these as I have, Berlin is a treasure trove of dinky decorations.

I keep thinking how lucky I am to be here.  I’m conscious that I’m not mining all it’s rich seams of hedonism or history, but I’m working on that just as I’m working on knowing all the words.  Speaking of which, I watched Lola Rennt t’other night, ohne untertitels.  To be honest the film is more about the visuals and concept than the words, so I can’t make much from that, but it still pleases me.  Anyway, I’d forgotten just how much fun it is, and I enjoyed a whole other dimension just because I’m living here now.  That bridge she runs over?  Been there.  Lots of times.  That road?  Yup.  And that one?  Think so.  So fun.  Love it.


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