And all because the lady loves….


I’ve been meaning to grab a photo of this and share it with you for a while.  Isn’t it fabulous?  Love the fully wrapped around, bootilicious, tattooed, utterly shameless sexiness of it.



Light on the water

One day several weeks ago I took the slow route home past Museum Insel and the river.  The light on the water made some excellent geometric shapes and wiggly lines

I did get a little irate because a cheeky woman followed me down the path and kept tiefing my shots.

Bad form.  But then I decided that I was being silly and just kept on enjoying myself

and in the end I like my pictures, so it’s all good.

Easy like summer sun

I’ve gone erratic again.  It’s daft because I often think about writing a post when I get home, all the bits and bobs that I’m going to put in it, but when I get home it doesn’t quite happen.  This is partly because I’ve been instructed by LTN and then big Grizzly to stop being nonsensical and start cooking proper food again and like a good girl I’m following their ‘advice’.  They’re bigger than me.  It’s also because we’ve had a whole bucket load of lovely sunshine recently in Berlin and I’ve been trying to get out and enjoy it rather than sitting inside wondering why I’m not outside. The visible result of this is that my freckles are beginning to merge together across my nose and I have bruises all over my legs from where I’ve had minor arguments with my bike pedals. And finally, sometimes it’s raining and I have lots of time but I’m just not in the mood. That’s just the way it is.

Right now I’m in Brizzle, waiting for LTN to come back from the gym so that we can eat a bacon sandwich and go exploring and visiting my Tante and I’m in a very good mood indeed.  So I shall tell you about the most excellent things that have happened lately:

Emily and Henry  in BerlinThese two lovely people were kind enough to share their weekend with me so I had lots of fun eating sausages and drinking beer with them in Prater last Friday night (it’s the oldest Biergarten in Berlin folks) and then joined them for cycling round the sights on Saturday and Sunday.  It was so much fun, a really good weekend and Berlin was kind enough to give us fabulous sun the whole time.  If it could just be so kind next time LTN visits I’d be most grateful….

SchlactenseeI finally made it to a lake!  I’ve not had much work this week, and on Tuesday I had an early morning class and then nothing so I headed off to a lake with Shannie and it was gorgeous.  I do have some pictures but I don’t have my SD card here so this shall be updated later.  We swam and sunned and swam and sunned and there were fish and boats and it was lush.  I want to do lots more of it.

Getting better bike acquaintedAfter all the other fun in the sun I felt that me and the bike should have more fun, so I took it down through Treptower and along the river further than I’d been before, past the Spreepark and an Island and some factories and all kinds of romantic nooks and crannies where people were being romantic by the river.  It was good.  My legs were very tired afterwards though….

Now ladies and gents I must leave you to search for bacon sarnies.  Enjoy what sun you may find x

Buttery biscuit base

I can’t take credit for finding this, it was on the Guardian website, but I love it.  After 3 lessons back to back with the adorable but challenging school kids and one more pronunciation class to go, this has totally lightened my mood.

And it put me in mind of an old favourite kitchen breaks vid

yup, it’s silly Friday. Enjoy…

Through a lens darkly

You may have wondered why I haven’t blogged about Ireland yet as it’s well over a month since I went.  The sad truth is that the week was an object lesson in the disappointment which can follow high hopes and excitement.  Not because of the lovely folks I was with, the ever lovable Irish themselves or the ridiculously gorgeous house and landscape I was lucky enough to stay in.  From all of those angles I had a wonderful week, and truly I did have a fantastic week overall.  But the one midge in the forest was the misunderstanding between me and my camera.  Finally reunited with my SLR and itching to use it, I discovered that I’d forgotten (if I’d ever truly known) how.

The light in Ireland is quite bewitching, and the view from the cottage is one I think I could never tire of.  As the light changes the islands of the lake fade in and out of vision; shyly hiding behind veils of mist, floating in the syrupy sunshine or hinting of pots of gold under double rainbows.

Could I capture that?  Could I heck-as-like.  Other than my photos of my crew, who pose quite beautifully and deserve prizes each and every one for enthusiastic cooperation in the jumping shots and so on, I have only a very few photos that I’m even half way happy with.  Best of the bunch is this one, in my opinion.  It’s not perfect by any means but I love the texture of the grass and the fact that you can just make out the hills fading into the distance.  A little bit of what I was aiming for, at least. I’ve been a perfectionist all my life but I’ve always been impatient too.  Each picture that doesn’t turn out as I imagine it breaks my heart just a little bit, like dresses that didn’t leave the sewing machine as the voguelike creations I’d hoped for, pottery that wasn’t as elegant as I’d yearned for, or climbs and dances unfinished or not yet begun.

Learning light, my camera and how to combine the two to make things of beauty should keep me out of trouble for a while, my friends, and I’ll hope to have some successes to show you, soon.

Blocks of black and white

Here are some more bits and bobs from my Thursday walk home, making good on my promise to myself to use my cameras more.  Currently most of the creativity is coming from other people, but I am quite pleased with the tramlines in black and white.  If it would just stop raining then I’d take my SLR out for a walk and see what else I could manage without relying on sweet little stickers and street art.  As is it, enjoy these as I have, Berlin is a treasure trove of dinky decorations.

I keep thinking how lucky I am to be here.  I’m conscious that I’m not mining all it’s rich seams of hedonism or history, but I’m working on that just as I’m working on knowing all the words.  Speaking of which, I watched Lola Rennt t’other night, ohne untertitels.  To be honest the film is more about the visuals and concept than the words, so I can’t make much from that, but it still pleases me.  Anyway, I’d forgotten just how much fun it is, and I enjoyed a whole other dimension just because I’m living here now.  That bridge she runs over?  Been there.  Lots of times.  That road?  Yup.  And that one?  Think so.  So fun.  Love it.