If wishes were fishes…

…I’d be getting a lot of Omega 3 right now.  I’ve just been scrolling through an amassed bounty of National Geographic pictures of the day, all of which are interesting and most of which are stunningly beautiful….

Photograph by Sungjin Kim

So my wishes are:

  1. To be able to go travelling with you, see the world, all it’s people, quirks, beauties and suprises.
  2. To be able to take stunning photos along the way, as I imagine them to come out, not as my meagre skills usually make them.

I’m certainly not the best travelled person in the world, and I think I’m not actually very good at it, I like staying in one place and getting to know it for a while, rather than moving on all the time, but I would love to see more.  Insatiable curiosity.

For now I think I’ll have to focus on relearning my way around my lovely little SLR, and how to use the light to get the effect that I want.  Then I can capture Berlin, all it’s people, quirks, beauties and suprises.  And along the way I might get a bit better at German, which was always the plan.  That’s another wish, but if I put my mind to it, I might actually make it come true.


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