These faces have been all over town, the cigar man that is, Andre the Giant has been looming from street walls forever I think.  So, answer me a question please:  Is this Jack Nicholson or not?

I took this when I was walking to meet Sonja for our latest Sprachtandem catch up. I hadn’t seen her for ages as she’d been away to France and I’d been to Ireland.  We swapped tales of Paris and Oughterard, hers being the more glamorous and mine the more windswept and rainsoaked.  It was lovely to see her and the day was magnificent.  Twas a good use of a Bank Holiday Thursday afternoon.

Bank Holiday Thursday?  That can’t be right.  I know tis odd but tis indeed true and it saved me from the early early morning class when I was still worn out from my preholiday and holiday weeks so I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Nice idiom there.  Reminds me that I managed to teach a class ‘once in a blue moon’ and they loved it. LOVED it.  I was so proud.

Anyway, after meeting up to embarrass myself with my deteriorating German I went to meet Alex later on for a few beers, and he showed me…..well, you’ll have to wait and see.


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