Open air cinema, my latest love in Berlin.  Yes there are open air cinemas elsewhere, of course, but after going for the first time on Saturday, well frankly I think they’ve got in nailed here.  Firstly, the weather was pretty fabulous.  We’re talking 27 degrees in the day and a very balmy evening.  I did wear a woolly hat but it was basically to keep the midges off and look cool.  It doesn’t start til 9.30 and in fact it’s barely dark by then so the film started a little later, and that makes for a pretty chilled evening.  You can get a drink before, have some drinks during, go for a drink after but it’s all very civilised.  So civilised in fact that we weren’t plonking our behinds on the grass. Oh no.  Nor did we have to bring our own cushions and blankets.  For our comfort are provided old school beach deckchairs, the sort that are complicated to put up and have the notch to get the reclining angle just right.  Fantastic.  Sit back, curl up, relax.

Halfway through the film (the Social Network, in English, we were being lazy but I liked it) I was looking at the bats swooping around and throwing shadows on the screen when I looked all the way up and realised that I could see a whole lot of stars. Well you don’t get that in London, do you?

I just wish you could have been there.  Next time my friends, next time.  Berlin in the summer, you’d love it too.


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