Lightning up Berlin

Sometimes you’re in the mood for a good storm.  Today was definitely one of those days, it was close and sticky and everyone was a little bit twitchy.  Then on my way home the skies were cracked open by thunder, lightning and a magnificent rainstorm so that  I was quickly soaked but couldn’t stop smiling.  I even stopped to take a picture but it didn’t capture the light or the fact that I could actually see the rain sweeping across the one patch of light, yellow white sky that was left amid the grey.  Once I got home, I watched the lightning from my window and smelt the rain and the way it cleared the air.

I was going to put something else entirely here but it didn’t quite fit so I found this quite beautiful performance instead.  Amusingly though, I also stumbled accross a version where it seems to have been mixed with techno…. Alternatively there’s a fabulous Vivaldi piece which is also a storm, I do love Vivaldi but he’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Mmm, tea….


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