My fabulous first guest blogger, Mr Nobby Murray himself.  Round of applause folks!

The more I read his post the more I enjoy it, and I can’t wait to have him back on here again, as well as getting more guests posts from others of your fabulous selves.

I must apologise for being quiet this week, I’ve only had mini things to squeak about and have for some reason been producing lacklustre words.   Only shiny words will do for you, my dears, so I’m biding my time.

Having said that, I’ve been listening to lots of music through my fabulous new speakers and I must share with you this gem from the Idle Thumbs of Mr M.  I played it for the umpteenth time this morning as I lazed in the patch on sunshine on my bed, and I can completely agree with him, it’s perfect for a sunny morning.

I’m off to find East of Eden now and get myself some new old books…



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