If wishes were fishes…

…I’d be getting a lot of Omega 3 right now.  I’ve just been scrolling through an amassed bounty of National Geographic pictures of the day, all of which are interesting and most of which are stunningly beautiful….

Photograph by Sungjin Kim

So my wishes are:

  1. To be able to go travelling with you, see the world, all it’s people, quirks, beauties and suprises.
  2. To be able to take stunning photos along the way, as I imagine them to come out, not as my meagre skills usually make them.

I’m certainly not the best travelled person in the world, and I think I’m not actually very good at it, I like staying in one place and getting to know it for a while, rather than moving on all the time, but I would love to see more.  Insatiable curiosity.

For now I think I’ll have to focus on relearning my way around my lovely little SLR, and how to use the light to get the effect that I want.  Then I can capture Berlin, all it’s people, quirks, beauties and suprises.  And along the way I might get a bit better at German, which was always the plan.  That’s another wish, but if I put my mind to it, I might actually make it come true.


Something to get you out of bed in the morning?

It turns out that occasionally, just occasionally, there are compensations to getting up far too early in the morning and making your way to a roomful of students who may or may not like you and occasionally rant at you in German because what you’re saying doesn’t make sense.

Actually, writing that I suddenly became aware of a whole other compensation because I have just caught on to the fact that I’m waaaaay better at understanding student ranting than I was a few months ago.  I think that’s progress of sorts.  I’ll put it in my mental trophy cabinet alongside a 90 minute lesson with Sabine yesterday that no-one else turned up for, so we just conversed in Deutsch for the whole time and it was good.  Yup.

But anyway, back to the point.  Firstly it was a quite beautiful morning.  Cold, but sunny and clear.  So lovely in fact that I was kicking myself for the second time in 2 days for not having my camera with me (of the first time, more anon).  I should be more like this (see left).  Mini camera for daily camera, maxi camera for the weekends and exploring.

Secondly the tram came on time and the tram driver smiled at me, which is always a bonus.  Score one in the smile game.

And thirdly, there was a naked man standing on the fuse box just before the bridge.  Fully nakt, no word of a lie.  As you may know, I’m not at my sparkliest in the morning, so it took me a little while to figure out why people on one side of the road were whistling and catcalling, and people on the other side were taking pictures of a totally dull lamp post.

Wait a minute, refocus, there’s somebody standing on the…….ohhhhh, there’s somebody naked standing on the thingy (fuse box, whatever) next to the lamp post.  How exciting.  Oh look, he’s doing a dance.  Süss.  Honestly, I’ve never seen such a cheerfully naked man dancing on street furniture at 6.50 in the morning.  I truly hadn’t lived before I came here.

It was possibly even better than the Twickers streaker from the rugby 7s….

or no, maybe not, he is rather lovely and he did do a happy dance too.  Let’s call it even.

(image from http://sportsimagepro.wordpress.com/2011/05/22/streaker-on-the-pitch-one-for-the-girls/)

It’s all gone a bit quiet

Dear Readers,

you may have thought that I have abandoned you, even forgotten you.  You have probably calculated the probability that I have run aground on a reef of wordlessness or gone AWOL in a creative desert.  Bets have likely been placed as to whether I would ever post again.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.  I seem to have struggled to pull together time and space (for a brief history, see Steven Hawking) enough to string together sensible sentences outside the classroom, and indeed sometimes within it.

I must confess that I’ve been reading in the sunshine instead of clattering on the laptop in the gloom, or been dodging raindrops instead of courting inspiration.

But, as Elvis says, you are always on my mind, so that little nuggets of purest green are stored away to tell you at the appropriate hour and love bombs are ready to be dropped.

But forsooth, the hour is not yet upon us.  Tis nearly eleven of the clock and I must to bed, for I shall hie me to the bank betimes on the morrow.   And yet, and yet, I have stories to tell of la fete de la musique, the longest night in Berlin.  Stories of punk and pastiche, techno and tanze.  I have photos of Ireland to show you and sundry others too.  So I’ll be back folks, yes, I’ll be back.



In the valley

I went home for the weekend, which was a long one in Germany.  It was gorgeous to catch up more than usual with Pierre, a special treat, and with LTN for a little while, and get a taste of the English summertime.  That meant two beautiful days and one day of chills and persistent rain. Typically the 2nd sunny day was the one where I had to be doing useful stuff and then travelling back to Berlin.

But, I got to see the garden in bloom, looking lovely. Well done Pierre.

Angry Chicken

Thank you to Alex for showing me this one, apparently it’s a sister company to the Kimchee Princess and both come highly recommended.  Now, normally as you know I avoid chicken places like the plague after my experiences in the House of Chicken.  This one makes me smile though.  ANGRY chicken,  it’s SO SO ANGRY!

p.s. Just got home from an amazing gig with Alex, of which more anon.  I wasn’t going to go but I’m so glad I did, lots of dancing and bass to make your bones shake.  Literally.  Totally addicted to bass.



These faces have been all over town, the cigar man that is, Andre the Giant has been looming from street walls forever I think.  So, answer me a question please:  Is this Jack Nicholson or not?

I took this when I was walking to meet Sonja for our latest Sprachtandem catch up. I hadn’t seen her for ages as she’d been away to France and I’d been to Ireland.  We swapped tales of Paris and Oughterard, hers being the more glamorous and mine the more windswept and rainsoaked.  It was lovely to see her and the day was magnificent.  Twas a good use of a Bank Holiday Thursday afternoon.

Bank Holiday Thursday?  That can’t be right.  I know tis odd but tis indeed true and it saved me from the early early morning class when I was still worn out from my preholiday and holiday weeks so I wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  Nice idiom there.  Reminds me that I managed to teach a class ‘once in a blue moon’ and they loved it. LOVED it.  I was so proud.

Anyway, after meeting up to embarrass myself with my deteriorating German I went to meet Alex later on for a few beers, and he showed me…..well, you’ll have to wait and see.