Trolls and treats and other good things

And so it was that the month of May was ordained to be the birthday month, that the many people could celebrate their birthdays in the sunshine.  Wednesday was my day but there’ve been several before me in May and several more to come.  It’s a good month.

Things that have happened lately:

  1. I’ve worked lots
  2. the girls in my German class took me out for ice cream on my birthday.  White chocolate ice cream in the sunshine, amazing!
  3. unfortunately I forgot that my evening class that came after the ice cream was starting at 17.00 instead of the usual 17.30 so I was dramatically late for the first time ever, and it was the first lesson with a new client.  Way to make a good impression Nics.
  4. that put me in a less than brilliant mood, but then I got home and the house smelled of cake.  Yet it was mysteriously empty.  Shortly afterwards Amanda whirled into the house, grabbed me and took me out to the bridge for an impromptu birthday celebration with the housemates, the cake she’d made, and beer.  I felt happy all over again, these guys are wunderbar.
  5. from the bridge I could see stars.  Most years on my birthday I find myself looking at the stars and I always feel lucky for having so many wonderful people in my life.  Love you all.
  6. the last trees to go green in Berlin, look like mimosas and smell amazing, but they make me sneeze.  The city is just gorgeous at the moment though.
  7. yesterday I had an actual social conversation that lasted aaaages in German at the Lomo shop launch party.  He was Austrian, but still, he understood me enough to converse about lots of stuff.  He was very polite and lovely and tolerant of my many mistakes, and it cheered me right up after a loooong day.
  8. my present arrived from LTN in a huuuuge box which was wonderfully exciting.  He gave me a set of totally gorgeous and rather fab set of speakers so I’m listening to music properly again!
  9. today I saw the most poseurish man ever on a bike , cycling over the bridge in a sleeveless t-shirt, with his hands  behind his head as if he were reclining at his ease…made me grin, and so he grinned back
  10. there was also a pug puppy at the s-bahn station.  It almost convinced me that pugs can be cute. Sadly I don’t have a photo for Bella though, my camera was already packed
  11. I got given Norwegian trolls by a student!
  12. Another student gave me a Dylan Thomas poem with a German translation.  It’s beautiful.
And now I’m on holiday.  Life is good.
I won’t be posting for a week or so, my apologies, I’ll try to bring you lots of good stuff when I get back, but until then, viel Spaß! xxx

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