Big soldier


May Day.

Both are much bigger events here in the Land of Deutsch than at home.  Walpurgis night is apparently traditionally celebrated with dancing and bonfires, and in Berlin there’s a more modern tradition of leftist riots starting on Walpurgis night to get a head start for May Day.  This meant that there were police in body armour all over F’hain, and crowds of people wandering around, possibly following some undercurrents that I didn’t quite understand.

However, we missed the majority of any drama that was going on, because I decided to take LTN to Treptower Park and show him the soviet memorial on the way to the Kreuzberg Maifest.  It turned out that there was a party going on in the park too, so we ended up picnicking near a swing stage and practising flying, but never actually reaching the ‘officia’ Maifest.  Twas Fun though.

I don’t think LTN minded too much (I hope), he got a sausage and a good share of my cheese and ham bread thing out of it.  He also got to see the big soldier and play around with colours again.  Not that I am/he is easily pleased or anything…

You’ll notice that the memorial looks really quite different now that it’s all greened up.  Beautiful.  Happy belated Walpurgis all x


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