Löffel LTN

As LTN visited me over Easter (it already seems a long time ago) I had the exciting task of finding him the best Ostereier in Berlin.  It was an easy choice.  To a purple lover and milka fan such as myself, the Löffel Eier are a rather wonderful discovery.  Of course I had to test the merchandise and force myself to eat a boxful before he arrived, manfully I struggled through their fluffy vanilla filling and deemed them fit to be shared.  Then I had a busy busy week of work and almost had a verkauf disaster, as the shops ran out the day before Easter.  Panic.  I had to run around every shop until I found the last boxes left in the entire city.  But there was an unexpected bonus, a new filling, of the cocoa persuasion.  The photo essay doeth follow:

Opening a box of Löffel Ei is pretty exciting.  It’s purple and there are poons!

In fact it’s so exciting that LTN momentarily forgot himself and tried to eat one without first peeling it.  

He looked strangely like a dinosaur.
But after a gentle reminder he peeled the egg and commenced breaking in

and there was some serious concentration on spooning

I was lucky enough to get a little taste

but mainly the spoon stayed with Neil

resulting in lots of smiles……gewinn.  Belated happy Easter folks x


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