The Sausage Palace

Nearly two weeks ago, LTN and I went for a jaunt out into the green environs of Potsdam ( I’m in slow mode, sorry).  We were in search of the fabled Sausage Palace*, where bratwurst grow on trees and curry sauce flows freely in the fountains.  In fact we discovered not just one palace but  two: the utterly charming Schloss Sanssouci* and the Neues Palais (tha’s “new” people), and a whole host of other gorgeous buildings.  These are set in a delicious park where I got rather overexcited by the gorgeous trees, the abundance of absurdly purple and fragrant lilac bushes and the fantastic planting in the formal flowerbeds.  I took so many pictures that I’ve had to just gallery a selection at the end of the post.

I think I’d have liked Frederick the Great, he furnished his summer retreat quite brilliantly (in the ro-co-co style, as the entertaining audioguide carefully enunciated) with lots of flowers and vines, and every bedroom has double doors out onto the sunny terrace and the bed located in a little nook that you could draw the curtains all the way across and have a cosy dark sleep.  He also had a totally gorgeous little library which is round and made almost entirely of cedar wood (if memory serves).

All in all, LTN and I had a lovely meandering afternoon in the sunshine.  We entered the park up the avenue from the south towards the new palace, which is warm and pink in the sun because it’s made of bricks.  We had a cheese-and-bread-from-the-market picnic and played at statues before wending our way through dappled shade and balmy warm sun to the yellow palace ‘without care’.  The garden there won my heart, and after our tour we spent quite some time taking photos in them before visiting the Peace Church in the corner of the park and then finding a bus home as the sun went down.  Fabulous.

* editor’s note: The sanssouci – saucisson pun was perpetrated by LTN not me, I take no responsibility at all, but I’m afraid that the new name stuck.  Je m’excuse.


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