Best laid plans…

I feel as if nothing is going quite to plan at the moment. And I’d be the first to admit that my plans aren’t always of the very highest quality, but I do try (as Mum would have said, I’m very trying). It’s not that there are any major problems, but I never get done quite what I mean to get done, in the way I mean to do it.  The to-list keeps on growing, no matter how productive I’m being and the things I intend to remember I usually manage to forget.  For example…

Photo-automat plan, whereby all visitors from LTN long-visit onwards must and shall have photo-automat picachurs taken with me, by order.

Photo-automat result:
Picachurs with LTN = 0                   Fail

Picachurs with Bella = 3 sets         Gewinn!

This syndrome also leaves me with no ironing board, still.  I haven’t send out the many birthday cards I should have, or booked a car for Ireland.  Lots of little bits of admin need to be done.  And most importantly, I haven’t had time to write anything interesting on here, my apologies!  In the meantime, I hope the special poses being struck by Bella and I make you smile for a little while….


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