My very own Kirschblütenfest

I’m celebrating my own cherry blossom festival.  Look what’s just outside my house (yes, that’s my house, my room is on the other side, but still, you can just see the front door bottom right)

in fact, the whole road is full of them.  It’s gorgeous…

So when Sonja and I went to the Tiergarten for Sprachtandem, it followed that she had to pose by the ‘einzel’ cherry we found

The blossoms look all frothy against the sky

I’m too sleepy for good words, hope you enjoy the pictures.


2 thoughts on “My very own Kirschblütenfest

  1. love it. My own cherry has been in leaf for a couple of weeks now but a lot of the others locally are still in blossom. Derby has this cool practice of planting alternate pink and white cherries. The effect is stunning but since they are mostly on major roads I can never take a picture.

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