This is the ultimate showdown

Not really guys.  I’m currently considering a state of war with wordpress because I wrote the majority of a rather funky post for you last night and it’s EATEN it, but the ultimate showdown will doubtless come later.

In the meantime, I must apologise for my recent silence.  I was actually doing some of the out and about nonsense at the weekend and it left me a little bit sleep deprived, which has made the start of my busy week tougher than it otherwise needed to be.  Thusly the squeaks have had to take a back seat, and now that the techfail has occurred I find myself without the time or the brain to rewrite it.  Bed is sending out a siren call and I’ll be making like a dormouse before the clock strikes ten.

To compensate I offer this fun video of a tune which always makes me smile….

p.s. just finished the Girl with a Dragon Tattoo and quite liked it.  Should I bother reading the others?


2 thoughts on “This is the ultimate showdown

  1. Yes read the next two they are very good although darker than the others but much less so than Christopher Brookmyer

  2. okey doke. Brookmyre is king of the dark brilliance tis true. I found the triology on the school bookshelf, might see if I can steal it for the weekend. Thanks!

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