Einstein on a bike!

This is the best sticker I’ve seen for a long time. I almost missed it, I was walking along the Strand with Cosimo when he had to stop to retie his shoelace. I stopped and turned to wait for him, and this beauty was right there in front of me. If ever there’s an expression of pure joy, it’s Einstein on a bike on a red phone box. I defy you not to smile.

I spent most of my time in town meeting up with my best folks, and not managing to take photos of them because I was too busy talking and listening to gossip. I did manage one stroll in the park with LTN, and as we sat for sandwich consumption and fountain admiration we got a fashion show from this wee man.  I think he was strutting his stuff for the less ostentatious but no less gorgeous lady behind him, and he certainly impressed us. A dapper duck indeed.

While admiring flash Harry, I also got treated to  the most beautiful and most delicious chocolate I’ve tasted for yonks and yonks and possibly ever.  It was from Hotel Chocolat and oooh, so good.

And that wraps it up for now, I’ve suddenly realised I need to run to meet a lady for a drink, so I’m sorry to leave you abruptly but at least it’s with chocolate!


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