Home thoughts

Quick thoughts from England in a break from hunting through the loft for my 10 year old German grammar notes…

  1. I’m loving being at home, and it’s been so typically  British – rain some days, amazing blue skies and warm sunshine the others
  2. Daffodils are everywhere.  They’re beautiful and make my enitre body feel happy and bouncy.
  3. Belated birthday celebrations are absolutely worthwhile.  We had a fantastic day with Mantha.
  4. To illustrate points 2 & 3 please see below…
  5. Weddings are perfect on idyllic March days.  Lambs are frisking, birds are warbling and the sun lit Suzy’s satin dress like she was being spotlit by heaven.  No really, I’m not religious or anything, but it honestly looked like there should be trumpets playing fanfares.
  6. Cheddar cheese is one of the best foods in the world.
  7. I think I should start a distance hugging business.  I haven’t thought up the catchy name yet, but basically it’s for when you can’t get to someone to give them a hug – you can order one from me and I’ll arrange for someone lovely (prob me to start with if I start small) to pop round and give that person exactly the right amount of squeeze.  Like interflora but for hugs.  Perfect.

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