Winging it

Did you know that the phrase ‘winging it’ comes from an actor standing in the wings, learning his lines at the last minute?  No, neither did I, but I’m so glad I do now.  What a perfect piece of etymology.  The very lovely Mike at work told me about it and I’m utterly delighted by it. It’s also very appropriate as for the second Monday in a row I was mostly winging it for my lessons. They went ok, that’s about all that can be said!

Now, the funny thing is that all day I’ve been thinking about things to share and tell you, and now I’m sitting here they all seem to have flown away.  Sleepy factor I think.  I have been rooting around the Guardian website a bit more recently, and fell over this blog – mind your language which I rather like. It reminded me of this, which entertained me the other day on youtube:

On an entirely different note, it’s pancake day!  I’m not celebrating today, I’m postponing it until next week when I can do it at home, with lashings of lemon and sugar and cinamon and apple and chocolate spread and maple syrup and maybe cream (and breathe) and some savoury ones maybe with mushrooms and ham and it’s going to be amazing! I   But for those of you pancaking today, enjoy it every last bite and toss for England.

I took this picture very very quickly this afternoon just before the train got in the way, and I love it.  Really love it.  I don’t know why but I love it.

I also have a funky man from a wall, snatched this morning after my class.  It would be better if the sun wasn’t wiping some of it out, but it’s still a pretty amazing piece of streetart, in my opinion.

and finally, me in the sunshine, pre-chop…. have a good evening folks xxx


2 thoughts on “Winging it

    • Did you show me that before? I don’t remember it, and certainly hadn’t recognised the author of the face, but it looks very good stuff so I’ll look forward to watching the ted. Cheers Olol xxx

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