Pictures and music

I just started listening to this, so I can’t comment on the whole thing yet, but I likes it already I does.  Some music to go with my pictures courtesy of Mr Scruff on Soundcloud

These are a random collection from the last few days, with a whole series of the coots on the river.  I just went down to look at the water on a lovely evening and then starting attracting birds who apparently thought I had something to eat.  Suddenly I realised that I did indeed have bread and I started chucking it in, at which point I got birds diving at each other madly and they made very pretty monochrome patterns.

I now have the tail end of the same bread going stale in the kitchen so I might repeat the game, and take the pictures in full black and white.

p.s. Mr Scruff knows all about tea you know. I loves him I does….


3 thoughts on “Pictures and music

    • Yes Mr Most Wonderful Murray, they certainly are, but they’re my London streets! He’s in Shoreditch, that’s why it looks familiar…
      Glad you enjoyed Mr Scruff, always to be replied upon. He’s back in Koko in May I think, on the 21st.
      Big hugs and hope to catch up with you when I’m in town week after next xxx

  1. Ah, crappity 😦 I thought it looked like Berlin from your photos, then I took the title into account and drew my conclusion. Yes I hope to catch you too, shouldnt be a problem. I’ll keep those days free. Enjoy your weekend 🙂

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