Future forms

Things which are on my mind at the moment:

  1. Warm coats.  We’ve been treated to some very beautiful blue skies here in Berlin and clear and cold is the kind of weather I really love, but I think that London has made me a bit nesh!  Either that or I can reasonably blame my coat.  So I’ve been looking at the coats that are like duvets, and got seriously tempted by superdry, but they didn’t have one in my size in an exciting colour.  So the hunt goes on.
  2. Flats.  Finding one is a relatively tricky business when you don’t speak the language properly and you don’t know areas too well, I’ve had one tiny one offered, but wasn’t sure whether I could live there so I lost it, and now I have my heart set on a pretty room thats free for just two months – more breathing room if not a perfect solution.
  3. German.  I keep practising but my perfectionist soul weeps every time I mangle yet another piece of grammar.  I’m definitely improving at understanding what’s said but writing emails in German to ask for flat viewings and any ordinary conversation are still proving challenging.  I miss being able to say lots of things!
  4. Reunions.  Tomorrow I’m going to meet an old school friend who I haven’t seen for yonks and yonks.  He did this whole cycle of adventure 4ish years ago, so it should make for fun conversation.
  5. The future.  Lots of potential changes/big birthdays/thoughts about the universe are happening for my nearest and dearest.  It’s big stuff and it does take some thinking about.  Love you all.

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