Books on shelves

I’m fantasising about bookshelves.  There, I’ve admitted it.  I have frequent day dreams about many things, like the artistic tours de force I could create in knitting or tailoring or prose for that matter if only I had a little more talent.  There’s also the planning of all the things I could learn to do and all the countries I could live in if only I had a lot more money  z.B. if anybody cared to donate their lottery winnings since I can’t hope to win it when I don’t play it.   And often, I think about ‘my house’.  As the fam’ly knows, ‘my house’ has been in existence for a very long time.   It’s a never-ending expansion project full of rooms like the infinity hotel, always room to squeeze in another one.  This isn’t because I want to live in a big house, I think I’d probably hate it, but in ‘my house’ I’m going to have a room with….chinoiserie wallpaper…..a projector and wall to wall cushions……a big leather Chesterfield sofa with wonderfully soft wool rugs to snuggle into….Gustavian grey walls and a porcelain stove…..minamalism (hah!)….whatever I see and fall in love with goes into my house.  And don’t even get me started on the garden, in real life it’s going to have to be big, in my head it’s the secret garden gone mad.

There’s one thing though that is always in the plan for the house – a library.  I want a room with a least one wall of floor to ceiling books.  Tattered and pristine, well-loved and to-be-read, coffee table beauties and pocket penguins with classic design.  They’ll all go in there.  Hopefully there will be space for a ladder on rails that I can woosh round the top shelves on, and if the daydream gets really indulgent maybe a gallery level too.  It’s an amorphous room, one day there are big windows with deep cushioned window seats, the next it’s cosy and firelit with table lamps casting pools of golden light on the winged leather armchairs.  But always books and a few good places to curl up and disappear inside one of them, and somewhere close by to put your cup of tea.

You may be wondering why I brought this up.  I’m not even sure myself but I think various book type things have collided in my head and created this sudden need to share.  For example, Intelligent Life had an article on hotels with libraries, I want to go and stay in them but they seem unreasonably expensive, especially compared to hostels with tatty collections of books to swap and pass on.  That article then reminded me of the blog that The Guardian introduced me to (which can be seen in my blogroll stage right)  There’s inspiration to be had there, for sure.    The word want comes into my head inexplicably often when I look at those photos.

Anyway, all this reminded me that LTN has promised to raid the public library for me again before he visits next week (yup, my hero).  I’ve demolished Sahara by Clive Cussler and am about to move onto his non-fiction offering, now I’m to suggest new titles to direct his search.  Given that my usual way of finding a new book is to wander around the public library reading backs and random pages until lightning strikes, this seems challenging to me.  But wait, what about one of my previously favoured websites? Why have I callously abandoned Goodreads?  Yup, I definitely need to go in there, get my bookshelves updated and get some suggestions for further reading.  Plus, when I need to go home, I need to retrieve the copy of The book on the bookshelf from where it languishes on my handcrafted boards-balanced-on-bricks-fits-the-gap-perfectly-I-don’t-need-to-build-proper-shelves.  And then I need to re-read the Secret Life of Trees and finish it this time (no reason, just because).

See, that’s what I call a plan.  Booklovers of the world, rejoice!

p.s. we have a chair like this, it lives in the summerhouse.  Maybe it should go in a library tho….mmm, cushion.

From French by design (via bsp) a rather pretty looking blog I may have to explore further.  Ah, le web, c’est fantastique.


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