East Side West Side

To be honest, LTN and I didn’t manage much actual Berlin sightseeing, too much catching up to be done.  Also we had to watch some rugby.  Before you all suck in your breath in outrage, I must tell you that we managed to meet a fellow ex-Bristoller in the Irish pub we picked to watch it in, and he’s given me lots of top Berlin tips, so it was totally worth it.  Also LTN had to help me move, and hold my hand through interview nerves and cv writing.  Star boy. Plus, I got presents!

We did manage to get to the East Side Gallery though, and it’s pretty impressive.  For those of you who don’t know (I didn’t, it’s ok), it’s the longest remaining stretch of the Berlin wall, covered in paintings by artists from all over the world as a memorial to the Mauerfall.  Here are some of my favourite spots, and the famous Trabi for Mantha. PS I would like to point out that I made the hat LTN is wearing. Be impressed please.

I should say that I’ve now crossed the river, and crossed the old line from East to West Berlin.  I miss the funny little Ampelmänne but I see them when I go to work.  Yes folks, you heard it right, I’ve somehow landed a job.  At the Berlin School of English where I did the course.  It’s some kind of crazy fluke, and utterly terrifying, but I start as a ‘real’ teacher on Monday.   Everyone is being wonderfully supportive, even students from my teaching practice, but for some reason I still feel a little unsettled.

I think it’s because I’m an inveterate nester and it just feels wrong to have been here for 5 weeks but to still not be in a position to put down roots.  I’m getting to know my way around a little better, I know where some of the districts are, have bought my first month pass for the AB zone (the price made me gulp but actually €74 is pretty good when you compare it to £106 in Londontown, well done Berlin) and I’ve actually been out a few times.  But I’m still no further in my real flat hunt, and I just don’t seem to be able to navigate the websites with much success.  Ah well.  I do manage to stumble over a lot of good/interesting street art, some of it a little scary.

This one is just a random doodah for you, if I walk part of the way home, I go past this freaky baby face.  This isn’t the clearest photo but I’m sure you get the gist.  More Kreuzberg ink to come.



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