das Ende und der Anfang

The CELTA course has ended, I’ll shortly go and pick up my provisional grade letter, and the real stuff begins.  It’s scary.  Let’s look back a little!

This was my lovely second class of students

who are C1 level and that means they’re ridiculously good at English.  I loved teaching them and will hope to stay in touch with some of them.

L-R front: Sonja, Sandra, Katharina
L-R back: Julia, Mirko, Klaus, Maria and me

My last teaching practice was on Thursday, so I was ready to relax and enjoy the best part of the week, LTN arriving!  Well to be honest, the arrival itself was somewhat taxing, as a certain tall gentleman had given me a landing time that was in fact a UK time, so I moped around the tiny airport for a while being nervously expectant.  Then I started chatting auf Deutsch to a rather lovely Berlin lady who told me I had a nice smile, and then chatted on about her daughter, and that whiled away another 25 minutes quite pleasantly. I’m not sure where the words came from but we seemed to understand one another quite well.  Anyway, then the tall one arrived and it was smiles all round (this pic is actually from the last day, but it’s nice and it fits so I don’t care)

the last day of the course was a mix of being extraordinarily tired and having a right old giggle, which suited me fine.  I managed to fit a nap in, and to get out and sample some Berlin nightlife with LTN and coursefolks.  We went to a random bar where everything was upside down and there was live music in the cellar.  Good times…

NEWSFLASH: on my way home tonight I saw snowdrops!  Now it feels like spring might be round the corner and there are some familiar things in Berlin after all.


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