sweet spots in the greyness

As I’m sitting at my desk, I’m listenting to and loving BBC iplayer. It may not let me watch anything from the tv, but the radio is keeping me entertained and close to home while I work. Today I’ve been particularly apprecating Don Letts for playing some old favourites and introducing me to interesting choons.

Despite the rain, I had to get out of the flat for a wee while, and soon I found myself listening to the remix of Adele’s Hometown Glory in a properly good mood. The damp and the beat woke me up and I spotted lots of interesting little things in among all the grey…

p.s. for the beer lovers amongst you, I checked the brewdog link and it looks tasty good. Search it out. I already rate them just for their ridiculously good design skills. This is beautiful branding in action.


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