Masterful inactivity

It’s been a busy Saturday. I had a flat to see and a deceptively short work to-do list.
As you can see I brought out the big guns for study support – Milka kuhflecken (LOVE) and coffee, but it just wasn’t enough. My brain has been almost entirely fuzzy today, necessitating lots of comedy viewing on youtube, chats to home and general faffing around.

I’ve been chortling at the most wonderful xkcd:

maths jokes

wonderfully patronising comments

and I really do miss climbing but this makes me laugh

So far I’ve only managed to do one of the things I meant to do today – see the flat, and that divebombed because it’s not suitable.  So I’m still going to be homeless in a few short days.  GAH!  On the other hand I’ll have  Neil before I’m homeless, so there are compensations.

Also on the plus side, I’ve had two above standard lessons this week and so have been told there’s a chance of getting a higher grade overall.  There’s no pressure, I just have to plan my two hour long lessons for next week without any input from the tutors, get super good at language feedback in class and rock the 2.5 assignments still to hand in.  Easy.   Would anybody give me good odds for the chances of my getting time off tomorrow afternoon to go and watch the IrelandvFrance match?

And again, I’ve been having fun swapping random words with my students, the lastest being zimperlich which means squeamish.  Good to know, oder?

And a couple of random pics from the walk from the flat to the U-bahn….one quite impressive but depressing, the other just amusing.  Bis später, lieblings.


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