dog v. dawg

I just remembered, today* we studied phonemes and more specifically, British English compared to North American English and it was genuinely hilarious. Aaaah, ooooo, eeee, eeeerrrr etc… I ended up completely incapable with laughter and was not helped by the fact that Clare (she who may cut my hair) decided to tell me that she thought Dominic (our tutor) looked like Wallace (of & Grommit renown).

AND Dominic decided to tell me that some of my phonemes sounded a lot like squeaks and then I made the mistake of catching Jake’s eye (he’s jumped out at me enough times in the flat to know about my squeaky propensities) and so it really was a lost cause indeed.

Interesting stuff though, this linguistics doodah bears further investigation.

* technically yesterday in fact, but I’m not in bed yet so I disagree. I did just have cereal though, so maybe that cancels out and it is in fact morning already? I’m confused…

sweet dreams all!


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