Thursday thoughts

I need to get something up here because it’s been days, but I’m not feeling terribly coherent so it’s a summary day again:

  1. I’m exhibiting top level procrastination skills tonight, I’ve done the washing up, cooked dinner, cleaned the kitchen, watched a DVD with example lessons on, am blogging and faffing on the internet, and all because I don’t want to start my lesson plan for tomorrow.  Gah!
  2. This could be because I got feedback today on yesterday’s lesson and for the first time I received the ‘above standard’  grade and got very positive comments.  I finally feel like I’ve made some progress and don’t want to slip back into the mud in tomorrow’s lesson!
  3. The weekend looks busy but promising:  I might get a haircut from one of the people on my course, and I’m going to see a flat belonging to once of my new students which could potentially become my home.
  4. Our new group of students is at advanced level and so we’re getting to chat about some really lovely words, so my wordherding skills are genuinely appreciated, instead of having to be kept firmly in check.  Yay!
  5. I keep seeing students from our old group and they always look genuinely pleased to see me and want to chat, so I can’t have been as awful last week as I feared. Double yay.
  6. I don’t get enough hugs at the moment, but there’ve been a few lately and I’m absurdly grateful for each and every one.  However, I’m getting almost irrepressible urges to start hugging students.  Someone save me from myself, please.
  7. My pronunciation and behaviour are getting more and more British in reaction to the Americans I’m living and working with.  At certain points in the day I get mad cravings for tea and biscuits, cawfee just doesn’t do the trick!  Quite brilliantly I was searching for pictures of tea and found this by another Nikki (as  you can see, she spells it all wrong)
  8. Category 5 error, I watched a bit of Coco before Chanel last night.  Beautiful film and I absolutely loved it but a) I didn’t get any work done and b) I now want to speak French all the time.  Recommendations for German films anyone?  I’m considering Run, Lola, Run and The Lives of Others but I’m open to suggestions.
  9. I’m tired.
  10. My knitting is back in progress and I must confess that I’m quite taken by my funky new needles…

2 thoughts on “Thursday thoughts

  1. Here’s a virtual hug. Glad to hear everything is going well. Won’t skype you as don’t wish to help you procrastinate but thinking of you. xxxx

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