Prenzlauer berg

Saturdays are for sleeping, cleaning, reading, studying and exploring – in no particular order.  I’ve accomplished all of these today and have some photos as a result.  My target location today was Prenzlauer Berg because I needed to visit a Strickwaren shop for some needles. Yesterday night I messed up and had to unravel the Mütze I’m knitting at the moment, and only realised afterwards that I’d left my double pointed needles at home and therefore couldn’t start the damn thing off again.  This morning, I was very proud of myself for locating a shop to replace them in and decided to buy new circular needles as well so that I had the right length cord- the one I was working with was a bit too long.  Having found the shop, chatted with the lady to work out that I wanted 60cm, 5.5 needles, and managed to resist the gorgeous wool that was on offer, I was pretty chuffed.  Then on the S-Bahn home I discovered that my prize was not so golden after all – they’re the perfect length but a size too small.  That’s what you get for not double checking! I guess I’ll be heading back there on Monday if I can find the receipt….

Still, it was a good excursion overall, we found a most excellent food and handmade stuff market with some totally gorgeous stuff and a stall quite fabulously called ‘Lust for Cheese’ and accessorised by a kid in an all in one suit (see photos).  We also wandered through the Kulturbrauerei (cultural brewery, I loves it) and found the Mauerpark, where an old section of the Wall is now used as a testing ground for budding graffiti artists.  I hope the pictures amuse…


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