Take a walk

Yesterday, one of my teachers told me to take a walk. Or go skating. Or dancing. Exercise anyway. Today was Saturday and there was sunshine, as you can see. Most of these are pics from along the way, but you can also see the view from my bedroom window and Jake conked out on the sofa at the end of the long week. Jules has also been asleep on the sofa but I woke her up before I managed to get a photo. Wish I had these napping skills…. You’ll also see one photo I took leaning out of the window, in shock at the number of people in the protest march that was streaming along our road and onto Friedrichstrasse. It was very green: www.agrarafabriken-stoppen.de if you’re interested…

Also for your listening pleasure, I’ve been enjoying mixtapes provided by CHROMEMUSIC today, excellent study aids since I really haven’t got my own music sorted out at the moment.  I particularly enjoyed the Kreutzberg, reggae and sweet seranade mixes.  Cheers little cuz for introducing me to this site.  Now I’m in Berlin I’ll have to try and find it live…

p.s. I should have mentioned, the sketch is by Jake Stotler.  He needed to draw, I needed to read, it seemed to work out fine.


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