Losing all the words

Where have all the words gone?  Yesterday I had them, this morning I had them, but late this afternoon they all flew away.  Strangely enough this seems to have slightly improved my German comprehension skills – after half a week of barely producing any German at all I managed a halfway sensible chat auf Deutsch tonight with my lovely aunt Irmgard.  Still, as I see it, in another language it’s permissible to not know all the words, but now I’m in danger of losing my status as Chief Word Herder and it’s just too painful to contemplate.

Maybe it’s because I had a lexis lesson today.  To most of us, that just means words and phrases, but I think linguists read a little more into it.  Anyway, I had to teach students some language to talk about money. Well obviously it’s a subject close to my heart, or at least uppermost in my mind now that I’m not earning anything (earn: to receive money in return for work done.  If I play who wants to be a millionaire and win £1,000,000 did I earn that money?  No, because it was not in return for work, I was just lucky/clever/it was rigged anyway).  I had a plan, it seemed like a good plan, but it really didn’t work out that well. Now I have to evaluate myself and my performance and I cannot make the words behave.  which means that I’ve fled here, to tell you all about it.

Solution?  Kaffee und kuchen.  Berliner Apfelkuchen to be precise, a pudding so crammed with chunks of apple that I can almost pretend it’s healthy.  I shall make it so.  Also, bis später, meine Freunde, ciao.


One thought on “Losing all the words

  1. When discussing money be carefulto remember the difference between millarden?? is that how its spelt? and million

    Berliner Apfelkuchen sounds good

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