Sunshine on a cloudy day

I have a lesson plan to write tonight so I’m going to just share things that made me smile very quickly while the pasta cooks:

  • a student in my class had a bright yellow coat.  She smiled for the first time in 120 mins (and no, it wasn’t a lesson I was teaching) when I told her that she had provided the sunshine to cheer up this rainy day – yeah, I’m building rapport
  • the word for squirrel in German is Eichhörnchen, a little acorn person (something like that).  We learnt that by watching cartoons, the only programmes where they speak slow enough for us to understand. The shame….
  • Jake, my flatmate, is teaching me to say ‘oh m’gosh’ and ‘hold on there, missy’, Texan style.  Love it.  I’ve also learnt to ask for beer and vodka in Polish, all useful language skills, I’m sure
  • I managed to buy stamps to send cards to England, all in German, in the first shop I tried
  • there’s a fish’n’chips shop in the train station that is open at 8.30 in the morning
  • they have Clarks here!

2 thoughts on “Sunshine on a cloudy day

  1. Lovely! Reading about the yellow coat just made my day happier too. Hope that you are enjoying your adventures, looking forward to following it on your blog. Big love, Claire x

    • thank you lovely, so sweet of you to visit. The yellow coat was back again today, which was a relief since my teaching practice did not go so well. Hope to send more smiles your way x

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