Here are some of my first pictures from the streets of Berlin.  There’s a lot of ace street art, as well as a lot of random tagging on lots of the buildings.  I don’t recognise any of the styles particularly (I’ve not spotted any banksy’s yet) but I’ve noticed that there are often clusters of art – where the street artists have been ‘given’ a space, and it’s layers deep.  You could spend days taking photos of this…

Activity for today: spot Jake, fellow StreetArtHunter and flatmate.


7 thoughts on “MauerArt

  1. Did you go into the building with the ‘How long is now’ thing? i seem to remember it was an arts centre with loads of stuff going on?

    Ace pics as always

    • No I didn’t, we were wandering but in a rough direction and it was back the way we came. I’ll go for another look at the weekend tho, it sounds fun, thanks for the tip! And thankyou, too kind xxx

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