Learning Berlin

Today I started liking Berlin.  Up until now it was all too new and uncertain, too much not my home, but today I got out to explore in the sunshine (with the help of new flatmate Jake) and I think I’ve found a place that I could learn to love.  We were working our way around the streets off Oranienburgstrasse, a trendy area that reminds me a little of Shoreditch, and we found an excellent little courtyard, stairwell and gallery/shop full of graffiti, design and the Berlin vibe that I’ve been hearing about (see photos next post). I was hooked. Plus I’ve found my BT tower for Berlin (see left!).

I risked life and limb to take this, so be grateful for it’s beauty!

For now, I’m doing course prep and just adjusting to everything so I’ll keep this short and sweet. Hopefully this blog will grow and develop in terms of style and writerly elan – until then bear with me, please.

p.s. you’ll all be pleased to hear that I was lucky enough to get the room with the double bed, and the duvet is insanely cosy.  Cold?  Not for now.  The hotwater bottle is staying in the wardrobe


One thought on “Learning Berlin

  1. Did you actually make it to Alexanderplatz or just see the Fernseherturm from afar? You’d like the Dom am Museminsel as well. Have fun

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