Continue to talk about happy things

Good afternoon lovely people, if you’re still with me I thank you, tis more than I deserve.  Lately I have been making life far far more complicated than perhaps it needs to be, with a lot of important changes/stuff going on, in my life situation and in my mind.  Getting to grips with everything is proving harder than I expected, which I find strangely amusing given that I’ve done/lived through some tough things in the last few years and all of this shouldn’t really be challenging me so much.  Anyhoo, if you haven’t heard already, the good news is that the lovely people at my temp job have decided to keep me as a real person, with actual money and plenty of interesting stuff to do.  I move over to contract in a few weeks (eek, better sign it!) and am looking forward to that bit more stability. 

From the blog of artist Lisa Congdon, check it out, she’s amazing (thanks Michelle, you show me all the best stuff)

So now I need to have a cup of tea, clear some of the clutter out of my brain, straighten a few pictures, and tidy the mountains of randomness that I’ve been building around me, so that I can relax, enjoy and stop having meltdowns at people who really don’t need that right now.  I’ve had a fantastic last few weeks of friends and fun stuff that I can’t wait to tell you about, plus the ongoing backlog of photos to share.  So here it is, a new leaf, I’m turning it.  Hope to see you back here soon!

Deceptively simple looking pleasures

Or How much practice must that have taken?

Ah, revisiting old yet amazing music videos, such a simple pleasure.  Last 10 minutes of lunch hour well spent, methinks.  Olol, these are for you…

oh and btw?  It’s a Rube Goldberg Machine. 

vids from the OK GO website

This beautiful effect

Today I stood in the sunshine and talked to one of my very best friends and felt immediately a little bit better. Not that I was feeling bad, everything is ok thank you, it’s just that talking to special people always makes the world a little, or a lot, better than it was before. I guess that’s why being in love is so exciting. Every time you see that special person all the colours get turned up, interesting things get more interesting, fun things are way more fun, and boring or plain old bad stuff is magically less bad. Friends, lovers and family, and sometimes the kindness or wisdom of strangers, all have this beautiful effect. Every time I stop to notice this, I think how very lucky I am.

But anyway. Me and her, we came to a conclusion: there needs to be less TV. It eats your brain and your time and while it’s all very well in it’s place, we need less, please. Which brings me on to the rather wonderful Holstee Manifesto, the sentiments of which I applaud wholeheartedly.

I can’t remember if my cousin showed me it first or if it was introduced by the manifestly fabulous Brain Pickings, which is expanding my grey matter daily at the moment.

Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.;

Sounds good? It is. Visit, read, appreciate. And don’t say I’m not good to you.

Go outside

We took lunch out to the Downs today because we were lucky enough to both be working from home (I had a meeting in town).  It was sunny enough to be like a little holiday, which was lucky because neither of us is very good at planning real holidays so we’re in theory two weeks away from hoping for sunshine in the Lakes and have booked neither a cottage nor time off work.

I’ve a job application to write and rather a lot of cleaning and organamising to do so I stiiiiiill haven’t sorted through any of the several million recent photographs so I will share with you instead another lovely nugget of advice from Wendy MacNaughton

There’s hope yet that I may get myself sorted because the tall one is buggering off for a few days so I could potentially manage to be a tiny bit more productive.  I hope so, my to-do list is getting wee bit out of control….

Going up

I’m getting just a lot behind with this whole blogging business, for which I blame sunshine and fun stuff which takes place far from computers but involves taking many many photos which need some love and attention of the sorting kind before they can be shared with the world.  So until I get myself a wee bit more organised, I shall just tell you a short list of

things that made me happy this weekend:

  1. It was looong! Friday to Monday with my two favourite men.  Lovely.
  2. I got down and dirty in the garden.  Big Grizzly and I remodelled the pond area so that the paving round the edge can no longer tip the unwary in among the tadpoles (still some fat ones with little legs left, unbelievable!), and untangled and retied the wisteria on the front of the house so that it can twine it’s way back to regaining it’s former glory.  Gardening just makes me feel better all over, even if utterly exhausted by lifting lots of rocks and scaling rather tall ladders.
  3. Cooking for people I love.  Rhubarb crumble, chacaroni meese, salmon in pastry, baileys cheesecake and picnic food, and even the rayburn grudgingly cooperated!
  4. Motorbikes!  Sunshine not rain for the MotoGP at Silverstone (a treat from LTN) and much excitement over the epic race.  I couldn’t quite believe I was seeing the real people, but we even got truly close to some of them in the pits – I have photos to prove it!
  5. A perfect evening for a balloon flight.  Big Grizzly’s birthday present went amazingly well as we made it up into a gorgeous evening sky over Oxford on our first attempt. Some of the people in the basket had been trying to make it aloft for 2 years!  Lucky lucky us.

I think I quite like this one….somewhere above Oxfordshire in a big balloon

I have to confess though, I think when I start sorting photos I may end up enraged by all the muck on my sensor mucking up the photos. I don’t seem to be able to keep it clean, even though I only had it serviced recently and it’s kept in a camera bag.  I shall have to try and shift it with a puffer because I don’t have the cash for another service just yet! Any ideas for how to solve this?

What a magnificent organ…said the vicar

After the Wedding of the Year (Congratulations Mr & Mrs H!) LTN and I had a mooch around Arundel.  The castle was besieged as part of the jubbly celebrations so we didn’t go in, but we did pop into the church and found this rather luscious organ.

 I love the symmetry, I love the colours, I love the carving.  It’s just gorgeous.

I’m still hopeless on styles though, can anybody help me classify this?  Is it baroque?  Is it romantic?  Is it art nouveau/deco?  Any which way, it definitely makes me wish I could play the organ…

p.s. Sorry, I couldn’t resist the title.

Lizzy Stardust

A little bit more Queen for all you royalists and Bowie fans out there.  This beauty has just replaced a graff of some policemen on Park Row and I spotted it as we headed out excursioning on Saturday.  Determined not to be cheated of my shot we diverted back there on the way home and I snapped it.  Twould be better if I were taller, but tis still fab.

when a tiara just isn’t enough of a statement…

Lovely jubbly

A we were heading off to Bath t’other night I did behold a wond’rous sight.

image from Knitiffi – click to link

The ever serious statue of Queen Victoria on the edge of College Green had been decked in a sumptuous knitted robe and looked cosy and festive despite the greyness of the day.

Some excited squeaking followed but unfortunately we were late and traffic pressed so I wasn’t able to jump out and photograph it.  I hate spotting good photo ops from a moving car…

It gets worse…when I came back on Saturday, she was all undressed.  Very undignified, and what’s more, still no photos for me.

Surely, surely, someone else must have appreciated the sight enough to take some picachures and share them with the world.

another Knitiffi pic

So, of course, I asked t’interweb for help and discovered that it was the most excellent work of Knitiffi, a collection of Knit artist out the make the world a brighter, happier place.  Mission accomplished, in my view.

Do check out their blog and see more of their good work.

I’ll be back soon with more queen related goodness, a bit more knitting and a whole lot of plants.  I’ve been hoarding instead of blogging lately, but I’ll try to fix that.  Night kids x


Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet, I’ve just started a job and have been trying to maintain some level of organisation, plus we’ve the wedding of the year to go to this weekend so there’s been a bit of last minute prep.  That’s no excuse really, given how long I was unemployed, but still….